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Dear Patient, 

Welcome to Nuwest Medical Centre . If you are a new patient to our clinic and we asked you to come in for a meet and greet visit, we will start by asking you during this visit about your past medical history (mainly your on going significant problems like high blood pressure or diabetes etc), at the same time there are a few points that I would like you to pay attention to;
These points are important to keep our relationship running smoothly, to prevent miscommunication and address some of your expectations about the practice.

These points are: (applies to "booked" regular and walk in patients

-I always like you to come in 10 minutes early to your appointment. If you come late to your appointment you will risk not being seen and will have to reschedule your appointment for another date.

-At each visit we will be dealing with one concern at a time, this one concern can comprise many symptoms, so you can prioritize your concerns or if you are not sure then you can list them and I will help you do so.

Another appointment can be booked for another concern due to time restraints.

- In some cases I will see some patients in the same day, as an urgent case, for example: sore throat, cold, cough, sudden rash, fever, difficulty to urinate, ankle sprain, conjunctivitis (pink eye) etc.

-Patients with multiple medical conditions need to come in at least every 3 months to review their medical conditions and refill their medications.

For any other issues they can book more appointments to allow for a proper assessment and treatment as needed.

 -For my elderly patients who rely on others (family, friends, home care..etc) to make it to their appointments, I want it to be clear that I do not do house visits, and based on the complexity of your medical needs I will require a 3 month follow appointment for medication review and follow up on those medical issues, if other concerns arise then a separate appointment can be arranged with the reception.

 -If I order any blood work or X-rays, you need to make sure to do a follow up after, unless we agree otherwise.

 -If you want to discuss anything, including normal results, you can always book an appointment.

 -No refills for medications will be done on the phone. 

-Once a year we will do a complete physical exam, including pap smears and swabs for females.

 -If you have any important information related to any of your medical conditions, I might ask you to provide that information, by signing a release form.

That will allow me to look at your medical history and medications, because I have some restrictions with certain medications, for instance narcotics, or any other controlled substances, usually I will tell you if I need any parts of your history or chart to be transferred to our clinic.

-There are a few services that are not insured by your Alberta Health care insurance, and you will be responsible for payment (cash, debit or credit), and these services are charged in accordance with the Alberta Medical Association’s guidelines:
-Sick notes.

-Forms and letters for insurance, work, study, and others.

-Medical statements of pregnancy, fit for work/study, others.

-Travel consults.                                       

 -Wart treatments with Cryotherapy (Freezing) except for plantar (foot) and genital warts.

 -For any other uninsured services, we will let you know if there are any charges that you are responsible for paying.

-Missed appointments and late cancellations:

There will be a 50.00 charge for regular missed appointments.

110.00 for any missed male or female physical exam appointment and 140.00 for any missed female physical exam appointments +Pelvic exam and pap or swabs.

 Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance, any late cancellations will be charged as a missed appointment.

You can cancel your appointment by calling our reception or faxing us your cancellation or by sending us an email to

-If you are not seen at this clinic for 2 yrs or more, then you will need to arrange an appointment with us to update your medical information and do a physical exam. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Nuwest Medical Centre

134-1111 6th Ave SW

Calgary, AB, T2P 5M5.