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Family Practice and walk-in 

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       Family Practice And Walk-in Clinic in Calgary

Dr.Nabil Elkabir, MD.

Dr.Elkabir has 23 yrs experience in general practice and urban medicine. serving Calgary for the last 17 years. he graduated from Tripoli University, faculty of Medicine in 1998. his areas of interest is preventative medicine and chronic disease management. he has a very diverse general practice, that includes prenatal care, child care, geriatrics, mental health, acute care and minor surgical procedures.

"I am very excited and proud to open Nuwest Medical Centre. it will allow me to continue to provide my patients with quality health care in an efficient & well organized manner for now and many many years to come!!". Dr.Elkabir.


PCN West Central Collaborative care team:

CDM (chronic disease management) Nurse: will be helping us with chronic medical conditions care, mainly Diabetes management, high cholesterol and weight loss.

BHC (Behavioural health consultant):will be helping us with the care of anxiety, depression, stress, smoking cessation, weight loss motivation and more..