As a member of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (CWC PCN), Dr. Elkabir and his staff work collaboratively with CWC PCN team members to provide free, enhanced care for patients.

You may be referred to a CWC PCN service for:

Nursing appointments:

Primary Care Registered Nurses work with our patients to assist with managing chronic diseases. They work closely with patients to develop personalized care plans to improve the patient’s overall health and quality of life. They can educate patients about their conditions, help them set health goals, and provide support for disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.

Mental health support:

The Mental Health Program assists patients in connecting with the right mental health resource for their needs.

Patients may be referred to a Primary Care Registered Psychologist who works with patients to provide tools and strategies for creating change, building resiliency, and coping with various mental health conditions.

Social work:

Social Workers are available to support patients who require assistance navigating health and social services. This support could include helping patients access affordable housing, locate applicable community services, apply for benefits, and more. Their goal is to help patients navigate life’s difficulties, improve their circumstances, and achieve a better quality of life.

Senior Services:

The Senior Services team can support senior patients who have particularly challenging health concerns. They can assist seniors with identifying their health goals and provide support with accessing medical and community services, meeting day-to-day needs, and more.

Dietitian support:

Primary Care Registered Dietitians work with patients to determine the most suitable care plan for their individual health needs and goals. They provide expert nutrition guidance and practical advice so patients can take control of their nutritional health.

Screening support:

Health Information Coordinators and Patient Care Coordinators support patients by identifying patients due for screening services and reaching out to book appointments that can help identify chronic diseases and other health conditions.

Access Appointment Service:

If you require help within 24 hours for a non-emergency medical concern, you may be referred for an appointment at the CWC PCN’s Primary Care Centre (open 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. on weekends and holidays) if your doctor cannot see you in time. This allows you to be seen quickly without having to visit an ER or walk-in clinic, and the Primary Care Centre sends information from your visit back to your doctor — unlike a walk-in clinic or ER.

To learn more about the PCNs programs and services, visit their ​website:

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