Nuwest Medical Centre Calgary welcomes you!

​November 25, 2016

Nuwest Medical Centre in Calgary is conveniently located for you and your family to get the medical attention you need.

Our location in downtown Calgary is easily accessible by vehicle and public transportation. Our walk in clinic has a comfortable waiting area, our friendly staff is ready to assist and our doctors are here to help you with all your needs.

Our Calgary doctors provide a range of medical checkups and procedures, which can be billed to your private insurance or to Alberta Health. We can also provide referrals to specialists in the city.

Our walk in clinic Calgary has manageable wait times, and our Calgary doctors are accepting new patients. We hope that you will make Nuwest Medical Centre in Calgary your general practitioner.

Call 403-455-5595 to book an appointment, or drop in at our walk in centre at 134-1111 6th Ave SW, Calgary.

Nuwest Medical Centre Services

October 24, 2016

​Dr. Elkabir and the professional staff at Nuwest Medical Centre provide a range of medical treatments and family medical services. His areas of interest include preventative medicine and chronic disease management.he has a very diverse general practice, that includes prenatal care , child care, geriatrics, mental health, acute care and minor surgical procedures.

In addition, Nuwest has a collaborative care team at their walk in clinic as well as by appointment. They can help you and your loved ones manage chronic conditions as well as treatment from a Behavioural Health Consultant.

Nuwest Medical Clinic in Calgary is now accepting new patients. Make an appointment by phone or online, or visit our walk in clinic between 9 and 6, Monday to Friday.

Spring has Sprung!

March 22, 2017

We're so happy to see it arrive! After a long, chilly winter, it's wonderful to get back to long evenings and warmer weather! It's also the season when the spring cold hits, so take care!

Many colds are viral, so bedrest and plenty of fluids might be all you need to get through it. However, if your illness persists or comes with other symptoms, a visit to our Calgary walk in clinic might be necessary.

Our walk in clinic is conveniently located to drop by and have one of our family doctors give you a check up. We strive to keep our wait times manageable, and of course we accept appointments as well. Give our staff a call!

There are times of the day and year when our walk in clinic is quite busy, so feel free to call ahead to find out about wait times. 

We're glad that spring is here and hope to see you at our Calgary walk in clinic soon, even for a routine checkup! Before the summer busy season hits, it's good to visit your physician to assess your health.

Visit our walk in clinic today! Our Calgary doctors are welcoming new patients!

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12 July 2018

Long summer days, stampede and camping, a few things we all love about summer. One would think that cold season is over, but it's not, we continue to see patients with cold symptoms. If your experiencing mild fever, muscle aches, runny nose, sore throat and cough this is likely a viral infection of what is known as cold. make sure to rest, drink fluids and over the counter cold medicine if it is not contraindicated for you.

Family Practice and walk-in 

September 6th 2017

Starting September 11th, Nuwest Medical Centre's hours will be extended to be from:

Monday to Thursday: 8 Am -8 pm

Fridays: 8 Am -5 Pm.

Saturdays:10 AM-3 PM.

We are very pleased and Excited to welcome Dr.Osato to join our Centre starting September 11th. she has a focus on women's health and IUD contraceptive management and is accepting new patients.



      Nuwest Medical Centre

Nuwest is Conveniently Located for a Quick Visit

November 15, 2016

Nuwest Medical Centre in Calgary is conveniently located for all walk in clinic traffic! Close to the LRT and above ground parking, walking distance from Kensington and the downtown business district, Nuwest accepts patients at our walk in clinic or by appointment.

You can easily stop by for an appointment with our physicians during your workday and be back to work in no time. Our medical clinic hours are Monday to Friday 9-6.