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October 24, 2016

​Dr. Elkabir and the professional staff at Nuwest Medical Centre provide a range of medical treatments and family medical services. His areas of interest include preventative medicine and chronic disease management.he has a very diverse general practice, that includes prenatal care , child care, geriatrics, mental health, acute care and minor surgical procedures.

In addition, Nuwest has a collaborative care team at their walk in clinic as well as by appointment. They can help you and your loved ones manage chronic conditions as well as treatment from a Behavioural Health Consultant.

Nuwest Medical Clinic in Calgary is now accepting new patients. Make an appointment by phone or online, or visit our walk in clinic between 9 and 6, Monday to Friday.



 A cold is a cold!,

A cold or upper respiratory tract infection and the more severe form of it the Flu are defined by a cluster of symptoms like cough, runny nose, sore throat and body aches, headaches and others.

When you present with these symptoms any physician will get the impression that you have the cold or the flu in most cases.

The exam that follows is just to make sure and to cover all the basis for such a diagnosis in case the patient did not communicate their symptoms well or in the rare event that this is a bacterial infection.

When the Doctor listens carefully to your complaints about the severity of the symptoms and how you are suffering and then does their exam and give you the conclusion that it’s just a cold, don’t be mad, and do not get angry that it is just a cold, actually you should be happy that it is not pneumonia of strep throat etc.

Blame the virus for that matter and not the Doctor. The doctor would like to help you but when it comes to colds anyone who had them can tell you that they are not fun and suffering is inevitable.

You can take cold meds, do steam treatments, sinus rinses etc, to make you feel better, and they do, if you do them. Antibiotics are not a choice for treatment, not only that it does not kill viruses (the cold) but it also has many side effects and a Doctor’s first commitment is to do no harm.

It still amazes me that a lot of the complaints I get from google reviewers is due to a visit about the cold or the flu. The tireless nagging from some patients about their symptoms and the fear of spending another sleepless night or agonizing day makes them completely irrational and not trusting for any assessment or findings , clear findings of the cold that you patiently explain to them but they still want to talk about it and are not convinced that this is it.

In the end you tell them it’s just the cold and this is the expectation for the course of the illness and the treatment plan. Due to time restraints you have to move on and see other patients. What happens next is that you get accused of being rushed (although you did the proper exam and assessment), dismissive (you explained well the diagnosis and management plan and listened to their repetitive recital of their suffering from the cold) and one asks how these people can survive in this world!. A lot of those patients are young in their 20’s to 30’s, supposedly at their prime for health and stamina wise.

In the end, all I can say is that I truly feel your pain but cannot spend the whole day talking about your cold, first, it is not necessary and second there is other very sick people who need my attention.

You have to accept that suffering still exists and yes in spite of all the advances in the medical world we do not have a magic pill for the cold and the flu and yes antibiotics are not an option, not because we are mean or do not care for your suffering but it is because we cannot do you harm just to make you happy.

Hope this helps!.

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